High-rise horses and stables with a view (prepare to be amazed)

Did this picture make you look twice? We certainly did a double take when we spotted the chocolate-box image on German showjumper Janne Friederike Meyer’s Insta feed.

This lovely grey horse in Switzerland certainly has the best view from a stable window we’ve ever seen. According to Janne, these lucky equines all have their own outside space as well.

In mountainous countries such as Switzerland, these two-tier barn systems are an inspired way of adapting to the surroundings and long ramps lead the horses up to the higher levels. But multi-storey stables are actually more common than you’d imagine.

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In Hong Kong, where the skyline is a sea of skyscrapers and space is at a premium — and comes at a hefty price — the city’s Happy Valley racehorses are stabled in a three-storey barn and a rubber matted runway leads up to their luxury air-conditioned accommodation, all with stunning cityscape views.