I am a young woman from Canada and I\'ve had a deep fondness for horses since I was a child. They\'ve always been a part of my life. I took several lessons when I was between the ages of 7 & 11 in dressage, traditional western and basic english. When I brought home my own horse in 2013, my knowledge came only from personal experience as I played with and trained my gelding. Since then, I have worked with and became a companion to many horses. As a result of having my own horses, my skills include basic first aid (I took a course from Equi-Health Canada in 2014), grooming, training, riding and remedying common wounds or mild sickness using natural medicine. I would love to further my knowledge in the many equestrian practices and sports, as well as strengthen my riding skills and gain even more experience in working with such stunning, respectable creatures.

Last Resume Update November 8, 2018
Address New Zealand
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