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Who can use this site?

This website is available for use to anyone seeking a job in the equine industry, or to any employer in the equine industry.

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How does this site work?

The overall objective of Horse & Groom Equine Jobs is to match equine Job Seekers with employers from all around the world.

As a Job Seeker you are able to register and advertise your skills and profile. As an Employer you are able to advertise a position to equine Job Seekers.

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How long does the Registration last for?

As a Job Seeker your registration is free and will last forever, or until you cancel your account.

As an Employer, you can register for an account and pay $59 per job listing (On the website for 90 days).

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Is it free to Register?

Registration is free for all Job Seekers, however Employers pay per job listing. This ensures that the jobs listed on Horse & Groom Equine Jobs are accurate and trustworthy.

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How much does it cost?

Registration is free for all Job Seekers.

Employers can register and pay $59 per job listing (On the website for 90 days).

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Do you interview the Job Seekers?

No. That is the essence of Horse & Groom Equine Jobs. Employers should make their own choice about who would be suitable for them. That is why we make as much information available about the Job Seeker as possible.

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Do you offer refunds?

All information regarding Horse & Groom Equine Jobs can be found on our website before any payment is required. For that reason we do not offer refunds.

Do you assist with Work Visa’s?

No. We only help in the search for equine Job Seekers or equine Employers.

How do I know if a Job Seeker is still looking for a job?

In a Job Seeker’s profile you can view their ‘Work Status’. Those still looking for a job will have a status of ‘Looking’.

Sometimes a Job Seeker can forget to update their status. Should you contact a Job Seeker and they have already found a job, please contact us so that we can update their status.

If you have found a Job or are a Job Seeker no longer looking for a job, what should you do?

You should update your Job Status on your account page to Placed or Not Looking.

Once I have paid the listing fee how long does it take to come into effect?

As an Employer, payment is made by credit card and job listings are immediate.

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