International event rider Kevin McNab provides five top tips to improve your show jumping performance this season.

1.    Position

Your position and weight distribution are very influential when jumping. Especially if you are riding a more sensitive horse with a naturally quick motor. Your position has to stay in balance at all times. Your heals and lower leg are like your seat belts. If they aren’t on there is not much keeping you in the saddle. The ability to move between sitting down and a light seat, without losing your balance or altering the canter, is good practise and will show up any weaknesses you have here.

Your hands need to be following your horse’s mouth over a fence. It’s important not to get left behind and get stuck catching your horse in the mouth mid air. You want to create a nice experience for your horse when jumping. A balanced position and soft hands are a good start.

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5 Top Show Jumping Tips with Kevin McNab