They say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and while I don’t know much about that, I can tell you that what’s good for five-star show jumper and Team Israel rider, Dani Goldstein, is definitely good enough for me. So when I read about Dani’s preference for yoga pants for riding and schooling in place of breeches, my interest was piqued. After chatting with her, even more so.

“I started riding in all brands of yoga pants full-time about a year and a half ago,” Dani said, adding that she made the switch for a few reasons. “I find traditional breeches rather unflattering, especially white ones; I think wearing a belt while doing an exercise that requires you to bend over is preposterous (plus, no one wants love handles and lumps and bumps caused by belts); I do yoga every morning and find yoga/exercise leggings extremely comfortable; and I love how fun patterns and colors can hide female imperfections and make women feel sexy!”

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05/07/2018 ; paris ; Paris Eiffel Longines Global Champions Tour ; 92, Lizziemary, Goldstein Danielle ; thursday csi5 1m45 ; Sportfot

22/08/2017 ; Göteborg ; Gothenburg European Championships ; 769, Lizziemary, Goldstein Danielle ; warm up ; Sportfot