We all know what an important part grooms play in the running and sustainability of a yard. I won’t get too bogged down with just how important they are, as I think I might be here a while…

But, as with every job, there are the good, and then there are the great. Not a lot of thought is often lent to the professional development of grooms and how employers can support them to become even better in their roles. Some yards operate on a ”great, you can put a head collar on – you’re hired!” type attitude, whilst others are much more selective with who they want to employ. I have found that, surprisingly, the caliber of yard or area of the sport they specialize in doesn’t actually have any baring on the aforementioned. It can actually be harder to be hired into a riding school than it is to an event yard.

I started off my grooming career as a slightly-less-than-mediocre groom. I was inexperienced, ineffective and inefficient – probably the worst three qualities you could bring to the table for this job. I used to curse at myself for being such a perfectionist as jobs that should have taken five minutes took three times as long and I couldn’t handle a shavings flake being out of place. Little did I know that this drive for everything to be ‘just so’ would be what took me from the slightly-less-than-mediocre groom to the confident, competent groom I have become (who doesn’t love a little self-appreciation!?).

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