You won’t find Danny Ingratta passively watching the victory gallop when one of the horses in his care does well. Head groom to Canadian Olympian Amy Millar for the past nine years, Ingratta enjoys taking a “no holds barred” approach to his celebrations.

“It is just the coolest thing to be at a Nations Cup and hear your anthem played,” said Ingratta. “I like to be a little obnoxious and to scream really loudly and cheer. I think it is important—it shows how hard you’ve worked. It’s really cool to see these horses that you have gotten ready and taken care of being successful in the ring and know that you have played a small part in that.”

But Ingratta’s early experiences with horses were nothing like the elite world he inhabits now. The 32-year-old had what he describes as a “backyard background” in horses and horsemanship before joining Millar Brooke.

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