Grooming provides benefits beyond cleaning your horse, including increasing blood flow to muscles and skin, and building a bond with your horse.

  • Grooming gloves, jelly scrubbers, and rub rags are useful additions to a grooming kit.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of grooming tools makes them more effective.

The horse is a living, breathing piece of art. Keeping these exquisite creatures in peak condition involves many important tasks, but one key component is grooming.

Two industry professionals share their thoughts with Horse Illustrated on how they take the familiar jobs of currying and brushing to the next level. 

Why Grooming Matters

There are a number of other reasons for brushing and currying beyond the obvious of cleaning the horse to look his best, and the opportunity to inspect for injuries. “Brushing and currying provide a massage to the skin, which helps increase blood flow to the skin and muscles,” says professional groom Cat Hill, co-author of World-Class Grooming for Horses. “It loosens dead hair and dirt that is deep in the coat. It’s also a great way to bond with your horse in a way that he understands on his level, since mutual grooming is a sign of trust and affection between horses.”

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