What’s the secret to creating that special bond between you and your horse? We asked Olympian John Cottle to give us a little insight into how best to make that happen and to tell us about some of his favourite horses…

John should know how to create the perfect partnership – he’s had a run of incredible horses, but particularly a trio of greys in Watch Me, Super Moth and Telegraph.

“It is very hard to pick a favourite as they were all different, however the common denominator was that I felt a chemistry with each of them when I tried them,” he said.

Thoroughbred Watch Me had raced as Tiny Naude and had a tendency to bolt with jockeys on the track. “We renamed him but he remained known as Tiny at home,” says John. “He was very brave, fast against the clock and careful, and I trained him to compete in a very soft rubber bit.” John had him at the same time as Super Moth and says he often nominated the wrong horse in World Cup classes.

Super Moth was originally called Tigger and had been doing dressage with his previous owner. She unfortunately became ill and had a rider jump him in a novice class at Dannevirke Show where John bought him.

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John Cottle // Creating that special bond