Breaking up is hard to do, be it with a husband or a horse. Trust me on this; I’ve done both. The former took 18 long, difficult years for both of us to realize the situation wasn’t good for anyone. It was a painful transition, but the end resulted in six happier people: our two sons, my ex-husband, his second wife, my second husband—dubbed here as The Saint—and me.

The latter situation—my horse—took a little more than a year and was arguably almost as difficult for me as divorcing my first husband. I’m pleased to report that the end result appears to be similar: Two happier people and two happier horses.

As evidenced by the duration of my unhappy marriage, I am not a quitter. I will work and work and then work some more to try to fix what is broken. But some things are “too broke to fix.”

It takes a lot for me to give in to that notion. It’s no accident that I am a mosaic artist. Taking broken pieces and making them whole soothes my soul. It keeps me optimistic that even during the worst times—and there have been some very, very bad times in my life—I can come out the other end, perhaps a bit patched together, but eventually whole and happy. With mosaics, it’s all a matter of the right adhesive. It’s the same for life’s challenges: Finding the right glue is key.

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