November passes and with it the flip of another calendar year for riders. Some move up in age groups, some move out of the junior ranks (the oft- dreaded “aging out” process), some are off to college and some to other adventures. For all of us in the horse show world, it is a time to pause, assess, and look forward. Show schedules, training programs, job hunts, school searches, career choices- the New Year’s tapestry unfolds resplendent with resolutions, goals, and plans.

For many of us, the resolution, the goal, and the plan is to stay in the industry in some capacity. We want to envision a future with horses. So, how to proceed? What kind of job can I get? What do I need to do to make it in the horse world?

The Plaid Horse contacted a few of our industry’s most successful women. Why only women? Because this is a time in history for women to mentor women. These riders and trainers have forged a path for the younger to follow. Through grit, talent, and perseverance, they rose to the top of this profession. Representing a perfect mix of wisdom and hindsight, their words resonate.

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Women Mentoring Women