If you want to be the best of the world, there needs to be joy in your training. I believe that riders have to have joy and harmony with their horse at the forefront of their focus, this is a key part of my approach to training.

Photo by Libby Law

Erik Duvander was appointed U.S. Eventing Performance Director in the fall of 2017 after serving as the coach for the New Zealand eventing team for a decade. He has over 30 years of High Performance planning and development experience. Erik previously competed for Sweden at the World Championship and Olympic levels.

Before I was named to the position of U.S. Performance Director for Eventing in October of 2017, I took approximately six months to travel across the United States and teach clinics. As the former eventing coach for Team New Zealand, I had been working purely with High Performance horses and athletes for about a decade, but those six months of teaching younger riders, less experienced riders, and greener horses, turned out to be of great value to me in my quest to constantly be a better trainer.

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You’re Up – Erik Duvander: There Needs To Be Joy In Your Training